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Lusso Design Blends Smart Tech and Feng Shui in this Kowloon Tong House

The result is a winning home for the owner and his 11 dogs to enjoy

The owner of a detached house in Kowloon Tong had a set of expectations for her new home: not only should it be smart and functional to the modern dweller, but should also emphasise on design that conforms to the laws of feng shui principles, and simultaneously, cater well to her many beloved pets. To satisfy all these requirements, the Lusso Design team started from the creative perspective of balancing function and aesthetics, before cooperating with the advice of feng shui masters to develop understated yet luxe textures throughout. The house is fitted with brand new smart home technology, making it a user friendly and intuitive experience to change the lighting, atmospheric scenes as well as air conditioning temperature anytime, anywhere.

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