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Precious Friendship: Lily on Epsilon

How the close friends became working partners

Founded in 2010, Lusso Design was conceived on the foundation of a precious friendship. In addition to the co-founders and partners in life, Lily Wong and Marco Yiu, Epsilon Wong also joined the duo as a partner in 2015, and is an indispensable core of the company. Says Lily, “By chance, we met Epsilon who is a trainer to the stars and passionate about health and fitness. We became great friends and she later asked us to invite her home. We’ve been through a lot of ups and downs together, and have developed an indestructible relationship based on trust. With Epsilon’s joining, our company will move towards a more diversified development path, and simultaneously broaden our knowledge and vision. Epsilon is not only a perfect partner, but also like a close family. We hope to continue this journey together, and anticipate a bright future ahead.”

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