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Lusso, which means "elegance and nobility" in Italian, is the namesake of Hong Kong based interior design firm, Lusso Design.  Implementing these elements as their core creative principles combined with noble aesthetics and the spirit of people, they deep dive to bring about layers of tasteful elegance and artistic atmosphere in all their spatial and interior design.


This exquisite and intellectual design journey was officially launched in 2010 by partners in business and partners in life, Lily Wong and Marco Yiu. The design team is led by Lily, who also serves as the company’s design director. Embracing more than 20 years of experience in interior design and soft furnishings, she has participated in a number of real estate developments, luxury residences, offices, shopping mall theme pavilions, restaurants, cafes, hotel furniture, and soft decoration projects.


Lily works closely with Marco who oversees the engineering and construction teams. Through thorough understanding, this design duo can meet every customer’s expectations in balancing aesthetics, function, budget, ensure environmental protection and intelligent design. The couple by chance, encountered Epsilon Wong - fitness trainer to the stars and a passionate health and fitness advocate - and the trio soon became close friends. He even invited them to design one of his homes, and after personally experiencing Lusso Design’s outstanding standards, Epsilon decided to become a partner in the business. Since joining this inspiring journey in 2015, he has brought even more diverse and creative opportunities for Lusso Design.  

I believe that when you listen more and observe more, you learn a lot.
And when the time is right, these insights will be naturally released. 

“Like all industries, our company's development journey has not always been smooth sailing and we’ve experienced our ups and downs. But Marco and Epsilon and I have always insisted on open, honest communication, they are always fearless. They are amazing partners in the sense they tackle many of the external problems we encounter and allow me to really concentrate on designing. I love to observe the big and small things in the world and seize opportunities to gain new knowledge and inspiration. I believe that as long as you listen and read more, you will naturally release the insights you have kept in your heart at the right time. This is also our goal of growing together with all employees of the company.”


Founder and Design Director

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We firmly believe that elegance and modern aesthetics can coexist harmoniously, so we are committed to studying the interaction and relationship between people and the environment, exploring the unique characteristics of each space, and combining the consideration of intelligence and environmental protection principles, so that each tailor-made design can be fully implemented and the ideal living environment for our clients can be constructed. 

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For us, quality is the most important, so we can ensure every customer will have a positive and lasting impression after using Lusso Design’s design and engineering services. This also allows us to establish a long term mutual trust with our clients. 

“The three of us have our own specialties, Lily is the main design force, I am in charge of finance and engineering, and Epsilon, who is well-connected, is more than capable in helping us with public relations and diversification of opportunities. The design industry is fiercely competitive, but the three of us have the same goal, and we don’t treat each project simply as a job. For us, quality is always the most important factor, and it’s our goal to make every customer feel we are unforgettable after using Lusso Design.”


Founder and Project Director

Treat the details and quality of each project with a meticulous attitude, never settle for second place and in turn, we hope that our clients and partners can be proud of Lusso Design.

“Lily, Marco, and I have known each other for more than 20 years and we are as close as family. The secret to our relationship is that we’ve never forgotten why we originally came together, we do things without calculating and we empathize with each other, always putting ourselves in each other's shoes. We share all our achievements and our setbacks together, and so far, all three of us have followed our initial mission and never wavered. Our goal for the company is to treat each project with meticulous detail, attitude, and ultimately, quality”


Chief Executive Officer



Lusso Design strongly believes in each customer’s experience when using the company’s design and engineering services and is committed to establishing a long-term relationship of friendship and mutual trust. Over the years, our company has adhered to the following commitments to ensure every valued customer will obtain only the best design services:

  • With strict project progress management, the entire project will be completed within the time limit agreed by both parties, and the customer can be provided with design and engineering solutions at any time during the process

  • We commit never to exceed the mutually agreed design and engineering costs

  • Our quotation and pricing do not contain any hidden costs - the price is always clear and transparent

  • The Lusso Design team has registered certification to ensure professional legality

  • We are willing to provide our expertise and post design services after the completion of each project, to ensure every detail is ensured perfection

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Address: Unit C, 18/F, YHC Tower, 1 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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Tel: +852 2891 2733

WhatsApp: +852 6662 1025

Fax: +852 2891 2766

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