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Inside a Dream Home Designed for a Family of Four

The modern dwelling is a castle at home

This residence was designed for a family of four, and their preferences in terms of design were clear: the lady of the house is partial to romantic pink hues, while her children also love the fantasy of Disney princesses and fairytale castles. After taking time to deeply understand their client’s preferences, Lusso designed the space according to the theme of ‘modern classics’, literally building a castle at home for the sweet family. The plan of the living room is simple, so it's convenient to change the layout at any time, leaving adequate space for the lively children. In the bedrooms, a castle with a slide has been created for the son’s bed - the children can play on the upper floor in their leisure time, while the sleeping area is on the lower level. The daughter’s bedroom, on the other hand, resembles the master bedroom, where pale pink and white colours dominate, to create a soothing, romantic atmosphere.

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