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Experience an Unparalleled Romantic Atmosphere

This multifunctional clubhouse project is filled with poetic allure

The romance of Paris has always been an inimitable scene, and the Eiffel Tower has always been a location for countless classical movies. Lusso Design was eager to bring this poetic style for its French owners when tackling the cafe and coffee bar area of this multifunctional clubhouse project. This expansive space encompasses a display area for retail, private rooms and a restaurant with flexible, diverse layouts - from private booths which are framed by arched lines to the elegant curves of their segregated areas and custom made furniture, these elements bring patrons to the balcony of the Pullman Paris Tour Eiffel Hotel and Hôtel Plaza Athénée to experience an unparalleled romantic atmosphere. Feel the magic.

(Images source: Instagram@mynameispietro; Instagram@_sohee.e; Instagram@aimeesong; Instagram@veeceecheng)

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