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Enjoy a Holistic Wellness Experience at Estebel Spa

Inside this tranquil sanctuary nestled in Tsim Sha Tsui

A trip to the spa is like a wellness experience that pampers the body and mind. When a spa comes with eye-catching interior design, one can enjoy this sublimation to the extreme.

The clients of this high end beauty and spa centre were not only focused on the aesthetics of the space, but most importantly, wanted to ensure the customer’s ultimate satisfaction and experience. To achieve this, Lusso Design’s team integrated a noble temperament and practical wisdom to present a design atmosphere centred on "water". The blue and green colour matches sensually, and a large number of rounded curves in the space arouse curiosity and joy.

The entrance of the main building on the third floor welcomes guests with a spacious reception, where the chandelier that looks like a string of water drops replaces the common classical crystal lamp. Enabling the creative concept of the theme of water to be more complete, there is a circular marble jacuzzi with a lamp suspended from above. The "rain dew" lighting decoration is reminiscent of pouring nectar on customers to cleanse their body and mind.

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