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Client Testimonials: RickyKAZAF, Makeup Artist and CEO of RICKY KAZAF

Read on and find out more about the successful partnership

Sometimes, finding a dream partner isn’t finding someone who has the same exact vision, ideas and ways of doing things as yourself. But it’s being able to trust one another, work together and seek common ground while respecting differences, to achieve the ideal end result that satisfies both parties. RickyKAZAF, an influencer based in Hong Kong for makeup and men’s styling, and CEO of RICKY KAZAF Men’s Image Concept Store, admitted that his personal style is very different from Lusso Design’s previous design projects. But after meeting the founders Lily and Marco in person, he was greatly impressed with their cool yet flexible approach to design, as well as their standout design proposal for his salon. Deciding to just give the collaboration a try, Ricky shares his previous mentality has gone through a 180-degree change. Find out more about their successful partnership on our website.

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