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Ask Us Anything: The Difference Between an Interior Designer and a Builder

Lily Wong, founder and design director of Lusso Design, answers this frequently considered question

If you’re looking for talent to create design conception, concept evaluation, project management and supervision, furniture arrangement and styling, is it necessary to find an interior designer or will a decorator do the job?

Q: What is the actual difference between an interior designer and a decorator? Is it necessary to have both parties working on the project at the same time?

A: Decoration masters emphasize on their aesthetic eye and craftsmanship in pieces, while interior designers must not only master these two aspects, but also know how to integrate people and settings so a space makes sense and flows. The cultural atmosphere, art and life are all integrated under the direction of an astute interior designer, turning their client’s imagination into real life. Designers will also lead reputable construction teams and have often cooperated with them for many years, often ensuring that the progress and quality of your project is always on track. As well, the most valuable trait of an interior designer is that they help to control any delays in operation, the budget, can handle crises in the build process as well as offer effective solutions, all the while integrating aesthetics and function. From the initial conception to the completion of a project, once clients choose a designer they trust, it saves time, effort and always achieves the best quality.

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