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Ask Us Anything: Tell Us About One of Your Most Meaningful Projects

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Lusso Design's founder and project director, Marco Yiu, shares with us his sentiments

Good design should be an experience that people from all walks of life can enjoy equally, instead of a monopoly of the rich. As passionate designers and business owners, Lusso Design has always adhered to their beliefs, made contributions to society, and actively taken part to improve the lives of the disadvantaged. Here, company founder and project director, Marco Yiu, shares with us his sentiments.

Q: Which design project of Lusso Design is particularly meaningful to you?

A: I came across an elderly lady once, who was manipulated by a contractor with a bad reputation - after taking her money, he failed to fulfil any of the design work to her dilapidated home. It was this lady’s wish after taking out all her savings that her family could have a peaceful and calming home to reside in. The current state of the home was severely run down, almost to the point of being unsafe and when we heard about her situation, our team immediately decided to take this renovation project for her pro bono. We just wanted to do our best to enable her to enjoy her old age with her family. This homeowner’s joy when she saw the results of our work is hard to buy, and I can still remember her reaction to this day. My hope is that the design industry can work together, responsibly and passionately to create a better living environment for the public.

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