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Ask Us Anything: Lusso Design's Founders Share Their Thoughts on Travel

How travel brings the duo endless design inspirations

There is the ancient Chinese proverb that states: “travelling thousands of miles exceeds your insight beyond reading thousands of books”. Indeed, global travel has brought endless creativity to the founders of Lusso Design, Lily Wong and Marco Yiu. Whether its from art exhibitions, voyaging their client’s castle estates in France, international fashion shows, or simple interactions with the locals, all these elements bring the duo endless design inspirations.

Q: Tourism is an indispensable part of the life of modern urbanites. How has travel inspired the two of you?

A: Simply the experience of venturing around in different places allows us to brainstorm. Travelling abroad gives us the opportunity to appreciate the culture of various countries, expand our knowledge, as well as relieve work pressure and simultaneously relax. This process of self-discovery also helps us enrich our life experience, and use new insights to resolve challenging problems. We can learn to change our perception with the environment, alter our way of thinking and re-examine the issues on hand. Always retain a curious mindset, and reintroduce all the small and big things you encounter along your journey into the design - in doing so, you can inject a new mood into your works to create an all new atmosphere.

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