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A Precious Friendship: Lusso Design x RickyKAZAF

Enjoy this video to understand more of the collaborative process between Lusso Design and famed makeup artist and stylist Ricky, as well as all the interesting highlights behind the scenes

Design projects that leave one wanting more long after the project has concluded not only achieve efficient spatial structures and spaces, but sometimes, can also form precious friendships. Lily Wong, Marco Yiu and Epsilon Wong of Lusso Design focus on co-creating results with their clients, understanding their needs, preferences and tastes to a tee, at times even better than the client themselves. This sensitivity and understanding is hugely appreciated by famed personality and makeup artist RickyKAZAF (Ricky @rickykazaf; @kazafacademy) - CEO of RICKY KAZAF Men's Image Concept Store, where Lusso Design and Ricky have become fast friends. Invited by Ricky’s team, the two parties collaborated on this short film which takes insiders more into the process, design and memorable moments during the design and build process for Ricky’s salon and first concept store. Afterwards, Ricky accepts the design challenge from Lusso Design, conceiving ideas within a 20,000 square feet space.

Watch the complete video here, or click on the link of our personal profile to visit Ricky's YouTube channel to watch the whole video in one go:

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