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Unbelievable Transformative Design

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Transport yourself to this surreal space which combines art and lighting in a fantastically fun clubhouse arcade

Successful design is often transformative and transportative. Let this interactive light and shadow interplay take you into a borderless immersive country, where you can experience the charms of darkness and light. This imaginative games room filled with vintage pinball machines, NFT art and contemporary sculptures has been conceived by Lusso Design into a collective fantasy, reminiscent of teamLab Planets TOKYO. The art, the music and the VR games allow you to lose yourself, even if just momentarily, in this new reality.

(Images source: Instagram@yamato_sakaguchi, Instagram@ikumi_suto, Instagram@tdn.57, Instagram@sxun227; via Instagram@teamlab.planets)

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