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Famous makeup artist Ricky Kazaf attaches great importance to the design of his first physical concept store for men's image and consultation, RICKY KAZAF, in order to implement their founding philosophy of the brand’s "Find the Best in You".


In line with Ricky Kazaf's original intention to encourage men to be brave to change and take the first step, the Lusso Design team has created a relaxed and comfortable aesthetic for the concept store, avoiding any embarrassing scenarios that can potentially be caused by excessive and over the top decor. Industrial chic and fashionable modern interiors take pride of place as the main visual aesthetic, matching the open plan layout yet still retaining privacy when needed. There are also different areas for clothes styling, makeup, eyebrow transformation, skin care and hairstyle, etc., all with flexible and practical design to allude to the purpose of the brand.


The central part of the concept store is not only the "Girlfriend Waiting Area", but also the arena where Ricky Kazaf holds taste workshops and brand collaboration exhibitions and events, all aimed at enhancing the self-cultivation of each man from the inside out. Lusso Design exceeded all expectations with their insightful design and artistic vibe, where the custom chandelier resembling loose strands of hair or the ability to adapt and change, was painstakingly arranged by hand and serves as the piece de resistance in the space.

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Address: Unit C, 18/F, YHC Tower, 1 Sheung Yuet Road, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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