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The owner of this detached house had rich and varied expectations for his new home: not only yearning for the pursuit of an intelligent lifestyle as a modern urbanite, but also emphasizing on design that conforms to the rules of feng shui, as well as a place that allows him to care for his beloved pets. To satisfy this, the Lusso Design team conceived a low-key and luxurious textured design from a creative perspective to satisfy both function and style.


Encompassing three floors and a rooftop, it was all the more important to be able to control all the appliances at one’s fingertips. Thus, the designers carefully applied smart home technology to every corner of the house, so that the homeowner could easily operate the lighting and air conditioning through a smartphone, change the atmospheric scene anytime and anywhere, and ensure a seamless lifestyle.  As the main building material of the detached house is marble with a refreshing and cool touch, Lusso Design equipped it with an infrared floor heating device, so that the 11 beloved dogs raised by the owner could also feel warm and comfortable when running and lying on the floor.


With their unique, professional skill set, the designers succinctly integrated sensitivity to the materials and color palette of the interiors, so that elements and furnishings that conform to feng shui principles can naturally become part of the elegant decoration; these included the living room 85-inch B&O (Bang & Olufsen) television whereby it was a thoughtful touch to add a metal display rack alongside to exclusively position the jade Guanyin in the space. The color tones of the second bedroom were also dictated by feng shui, where the combination of rigidity, softness with the convenience of technology ensured a perfect outcome.


The designers also noticed the owner's demand for plentiful storage, so a collection space of about 150 square feet was planned on the second floor to store all the owner's precious toys from over the years, together with multiple game consoles to entertain friends. Meanwhile, the transition position of the stairs on the second and third floors also conceal hidden secrets - they showcase an exquisite shoe cabinet, storing hundreds of pairs of shoes treasured by the owner, as well as a special place for his impressive collectible toy collection.

Lusso Design's meticulous insistence on fine details is also reflected in this project: the handrails of the marble stairs are made of stainless steel and crocodile leather. To ensure the safety of the homeowner and visitors, the designers invited experienced craftsmen to come on site and personally hand stitch to secure the alligator leather to wrap around the handrails.


For this project, the design team of Lusso Design arranged all the construction works, design, and soft furnishings. It took six months to complete, and the owner only needed to bring his suitcases to move right in. 

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