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The gym is not only a professional place for physical exercise, but also reflects the owner's attitude towards aesthetics and life. The homeowners, who love French design, wanted to have a private gym that rivals one in a palace, and anticipated an exclusive environment to exercise and enjoy living within the 3,000 square feet space.

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As a result, the team of Lusso Design combined classical and modern elements, integrating concepts of elegant aesthetics and the luxe charm of the 19th century, so that the two seemingly different concepts of elegance and fitness are a natural union within this space. 

Key design elements and materials included elegant marble and metal lines, blue embellishments, and mirrored surfaces, as well as French style columns painstakingly covered with silver leaf piece by piece. The final accessories such as the bedding and cushion covers and toothbrushes were all hand picked and designed by Lusso Design, showcasing the team's unquestionable adherence to craftsmanship and aesthetics.

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​​Lusso Design was responsible for the interior design, construction, and soft furnishings of this entire project, which was completed within one year.

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