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The rhythm of modern life is intense. Who doesn't yearn for an urban pure land where you can breathe again?  Lusso Design added a professional and comfortable atmosphere to this golf practice course in Wan Chai. They have used a delicate and concise aesthetic language to describe the rich vitality and humanistic elements, making "people" the most important element in the field.

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The owner is also a golf lover and had certain requirements for the equipment and design in the store; there are four independent golf practice rooms, and each room is equipped with a large projection screen, which can switch between different scenes at any time. The height can be adjusted according to different scenes, and the background sound effects that imitate being in nature can inject the fresh air of the outdoors into the venue, allowing users to feel the real connection with nature at all times.

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The walls and floors of the store lobby are covered with low-key cement, alluding a simple and peaceful atmosphere, while the wood-grain floor tiles in the center balance the coldness of concrete and inject a leisurely, soothing temperature. The designers also specifically selected a series of light, comfortable movable furniture, enabling convenience for customers to change the position at any time. Projectors were installed on the top of the folding glass doors of each independent room, which can play golf-related and other diverse movies as well as facilitate guests to hold small parties and ceremonies in the store. Together with the open kitchen and coffee bar, the uses and possibilities of the space are endless and ingenuity of Lusso Design can be seen everywhere. 


The entire project took about three months to complete.

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