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“Lusso Design Limited” was established in 2010, focusing on interior design / soft furnishing / decoration design and renovation projects.

“Lusso” from Lusso Design is Italian and can be interpreted as luxurious / noble / elegant / luxury.  The "elegance" in Lusso was selected as the company's Chinese name, and each project was designed with the design concept of elegance in the luxury as the company's creative concept.

“Lusso” has experienced, responsible design and construction team, through rigorous training and requirements.  Integration with the design departments to make the space aesthetic and engineering quality implementation, to create a comfortable and elegant interior space for customers to meet the different requirements and preferences of customers.

Since the establishment of Lusso Design, it has collaborated with mainland China’s domestic developers on dozens occasions to design show flats, sales offices and entrance halls, lift lobby, clubhouse, cafe, restaurant, etc., and soft furnishings, as well as the interior design of multiple villas.

Lusso Design Limited於2010年成立,以室內設計、軟裝設計及裝修工程為主要業務。

Lusso Design中的Lusso 是意大利文,可解譯成奢華 / 高貴 / 優雅 / 豪華的意思。而其中「優雅」被選用為本公司的中文名稱,本着高貴豪華中帶出優雅品味的設計概念作為本公司的創作理念,來設計出每個項目。 優雅設計 擁有多年經驗而負責任的設計及施工團隊,經過嚴格的訓練與要求,與設計各部門的磨合,使得每項目的空間美感與工程品質落實,為客戶創造心目中最舒適及高貴優雅的室內空間,滿足客戶的不同要求與喜好。

公司成立以來,曾經多次與國內發展商合作,設計樓盤樣板房、售樓處、入戶大堂、 標準電梯大堂、會所、咖啡廳、餐廳等。 以及軟裝擺設及多個獨立屋別墅的室內設計項目。

Business scope 業務範圍

  • Interior design and renovation work

  • Furniture design and custom procurement

  • Soft furnishing / Fragrance design / Custom procurement and positioning

  • Project development and management

  • 室內設計及裝修工程

  • 家具設計及訂制採購

  • 軟裝設計 / 香氛品味設計 / 訂制採購及定位                                

  • 項目發展及管理

Company structure 公司架構

Ms Lily Wong 黃伊莉

Interior Design Director 設計總監
  • Design Director with 21 years of interior design experience and soft furnishings.

  • Has participated in a number of show flats projects - including sales offices, clubs house, lift lobby, villas and public spaces, etc.

  • Design and construct projects for private houses, apartments and villas. (from ±100 sm² to ±4500 sm² indoor area unit)

  • Office designs and construction projects, shopping mall theme design, restaurants and cafe design, hotel furniture design and soft furnishing.

  • 設計總監擁有21年室內設計經驗及軟裝擺設,曾參與多項樓盤設計項目 - 包括售樓處、會所、樣板房、大堂及公共空間等

  • 私人住宅獨立屋及獨立單位設計及施工項目工程 (由±100 sm²至 ±4500 sm²室內面積單位)

  • 辦公室設計及施工項目工程、商場主題館設計、酒樓、餐廳及咖啡廳設計、酒店傢俱設計及軟裝工程



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