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An idyllic life begins with warm moments shared with love, and the space that holds these precious moments needs to be carefully carved. The owners of this residential project consist of a family of four, and their demands were pure and straightforward: the female owner loves romantic pink, and she and her two children also prefer the dreamy style of Disney princesses and fairy tale castles.


The design team of Lusso Design, who are skilled at observing the interaction between people and the environment, have an in-depth understanding of customers' preferences and living habits. Here, they outlined the design trajectory with "modern classic" as the main axis, and combined this with exquisite charm and flexible functions to build a  timeless, elegant castle for this family to reside. 

The layout and decoration of the living room are simple, while the movable furniture allows many adaptations within the space and convenience to change the orientation at any time for the lively children in the home to play. The designers further extended the owner's meticulous love for the children to the children's bedroom, configuring a castle-like slide bed in the boy's room, so that the children can play on the upper level and sleep on the lower level. The girl's bedroom, meanwhile, boasts the same design as the master bedroom and is dominated by light pink and white, exuding an aura of romance reminiscent of a fairy tale world.


Equipped with 100% trust from the owner, Lusso Design was solely responsible for the entire design and decoration, selecting materials, furniture, and decoration items of the whole house, up to every last detail such as the bedding, daily necessities, shower curtains, and bathroom equipment, etc. All the homeowners needed to do was to move right in and start creating their happy memories. This entire project took about four months to complete.

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