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Ask Us Anything: Who Has Been Your Greatest Influence?

This legendary figure has had a profound impact on the founder and design director of Lusso Design

Inspiration comes from everywhere and anywhere, be it childhood memories or wise words from those we count as mentors or teachers. Lily Wong, the founder and design director of Lusso Design, personally shares her thoughts on legendary icons who touch her heart.

Q: There seems to be no 'set' style to the aesthetic of your array of projects - from residential to commercial, each has its own unique characteristics. Where does this eclectic creative perspective come from?

A: Coco Chanel - the fashion queen with her forward vision, has always been a figure I admire very much. She has a free and unrestrained soul, and actively promotes unprecedented innovations in women's fashion, liberating women's clothing that was originally restrained, so that women can live for themselves and dress beautifully for others. This creative vision that does not restrain and allows creativity to flow naturally, as well as Chanel's determination to "fight against vulgarity" as well as her fresh insights on "luxury", have always been the cornerstone and vision of Lusso Design. I aspire our work to be like Chanel 's designs - to be enduring and timeless and can be passed down from one generation to the next.

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