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Smart Lighting Design Ideas for Bathrooms

Let there be light

The exquisite details of light planning can be regarded as the owner’s fine attention to taste. That said, the bathroom of a home, which is often regarded as a private sanctuary, cannot lack the details when it comes to ideal light planning.

For this space, lighting is roughly divided into three categories - basic, focal and atmospheric. First of all, the arrangement of lamps that illuminate the entire space ensures daily practical use - ceiling lamps, recessed spotlights, etc, should be placed in the washbasin/dressing area.

Consider coupling this with soft lighting, such as a mirror with its own adjustable glow, to enhance the brightness of a space. If the space permits, a stylish chandelier or a discreet light strip is also an ideal way to create atmosphere, allowing users to immerse themselves in a healing cocoon. With healing comes happiness.

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