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A spa treatment is like a wellness experience that takes care of the body and mind. When injected with clever interior design, this enjoyment can be further sublimated to the extreme. The owners of this high-end beauty and spa project not only pay attention to beauty, but also attach great importance to the customer's experience and enjoyment. To satisfy this, Lusso Design’s team combined a noble temperament and practical wisdom to illustrate a design atmosphere centered on "water". The color combination of blue and green, as well as a large number of rounded curves in the design evokes calm and restrained emotions of joy.


At the entrance of the third floor, a spacious reception area welcomes guests, where chandeliers like strings of water droplets replace the common classical crystal lamps, making the creative concept with the theme of "water" even more complete. There is a circular marble jacuzzi on the same floor, with a "rain dew"-shaped lamp hanging above it, which is akin to pouring nectar on the customer's body to wash the body and soul. The 23 treatment rooms still feel spacious despite the large equipment, allowing customers to feel at ease at all times.


Lusso Design was responsible for the interior design, construction engineering and soft furnishings, as well as product placement of accessories and decorative elements throughout - all carefully curated and executed to achieve a fulfilling experience. The entire project was completed in about nine months.

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